Core يوجا-ساعتين و نصف

حالة الالتحاق
غير ملتحق
١٩٩٫٠٠ ج.م.‏

وصف الكورس:

In this course/sessions we will go a bit scientific and deep into the knowledge of our body, it’s important to know what you are working on to get the best results! What you will find in this series: some anatomy about the core area in an easy way to understand, how to get strong and how is it working and will get to know more about the muscles support the core area to stay balanced and happy; you will also have an insight on how to create your own flow and at the end we will flow together.

This course is for:

1. This course is for however wants to deepen their knowledge about yoga and the core area in easy and efficient way! Leaving them with huge awareness about their bodies and muscles

2. This course doesn’t need any requirements, only yourself and your presence

3. You will learn about the main muscles of the core and the muscles supporting them, and you will learn how to build them in different ways! You will learn how to design a yoga class and will learn the meaning of vinyasa and how to do the sun salutations A & B with all the possible variations.

4. Beginner level and your knowledge will let you level up to advanced ?

عن المدرب:

Yasmeen Alaa aka koky

500hrs certified hatha and ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher

Graphic designer and a yogi, its the balance between mind and body! Everything happens in life made me believe more that following your heart will always be the right choice, just listen to yourself. Falling and not reaching the perfect pose is always fun not frustrating at all, practice and stay with the basics and everything will come.

I love when I see my students believe in themselves and exceed the limitations they put in their minds and flow in poses happily and easily, seeing them happy and comfortable in their own skin is an achievement for me ?