-How to become a successful Freelancer

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How to become a Freelancer !

In a world that chooses to go crazy, having an independent source of income is always the smartest move !

Wether you wish to create an extra source of income, use a talent , you got to make money, or even consider quitting your job and be a freelancer forever, this course is the perfect ”From Zero to Hero”, start point to make it all happen for you !

”How to be a Rockstar Freelancer” Is a 6-hour course that’s designed out of real-time and hands-on experience from those who make an actual satisfying amount of cash out of freelance jobs ! It will wake you through the journey with all of its secrets and hidden areas, which ends with empowering you with what you need to start right away !

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Identify what it takes to be a successful freelancer.
• Differentiate between freelancing and working from home.
• Determine your area of expertise.
• Explore the main 3 gateways to find clients who pay actual money.
• Define what is networking and how to use it to win a continuous source of clients.
• Practice creating pricing strategies.
• Point out the main aspects to include in your quote.
• Practice how to handle difficult clients.
• Explore real-life case studies about issues freelance copywriters might face and how to solve them.
• Point out whether freelancing is the perfect scenario for you or not.

And you will end up having a clear step-by-step action plan regarding what you should do right after finishing this course!


About the Instructor:





Lobna Khaled is a freelance copywriter, an internationally-certified trainer from Missouri State University and a content marketing trainer at DMArts Academy. She has +5 years of experience in the content creation field and +6 years of experience in the training field. Empowered with her studies and her talent, Lobna has been building a decent reputation and portfolio as a freelance copywriter and a freelance trainer in a very short time and to work with some interesting clients like Wadi Degla Holding, El-Sewedy, Al Ahly Sabbour, Ureed, Udacity and more.

Studying content creation, content marketing and English writing in both her 6-month “Professional Digital Marketing Diploma” and her English classes at “Al-Alsun”, Lobna managed to gain the knowledge and skills that qualify her in crafting professional English branded content for websites, blogs, press releases, promotional materials, ghostwriting pieces, personal pitching documents and more.

Moreover, Lobna is way too passionate about guiding people throughout their career journey. She has been doing this since college back in 2013. She started as an HR member at REACT then a trainer, moving to be a public trainer for copywriters and freelancers.

Mixing between her passion for copy writing, her love to benefit people through training and, her +5 years of experience in working as a freelancer, Lobna Khaled has been designing and delivering training sessions on how people can start their freelancing careers in general, how to be freelancer copywriters in specific, and how to rock in writing professional and attractive English branded content.

“I am a believer. I believe in the magical powers of words, both written and spoken. And I am up to the mission of utilizing such powers in my copywriting and training content, aiming to capture ones’ business and develop individuals’ potentials.”
– Lobna Khaled

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