Introduction- My Story

Learning Outcomes:

 1- Know what you should do during college years.
2- Know the benefits of joining a student activity
3- Know how to develop yourself through time.
4- Understand the job market needs.
5- How companies hire.
6- The importance of the online channels that would help you in your career such as “LinkedIn”.
7- Required skills for the job market.
University students.
Fresh graduates.
 If you are afraid of the after-college obstacles.
 If you don’t have any idea about the job market requirements.
 If you need to know yourself better.
 If you don’t know how to choose a suitable career for you.

About the Instructor:

“Moataz has earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Cairo University, but he was not passionate about it during his college years. He joined several student activities and NGOs, also attended more than 30 events until he found a suitable career that is consistent with his personality, abilities, and values.

Moataz has been a freelance trainer for 5 years now, he has helped more than 10,000 young professionals to:
– Identify their suitable career.
– Get the most benefits out of their years in college.
– Write professional resumes
– Showcase their skills in job interviews.
– Write a unique LinkedIn profile.

– He is also the founder of “”I AM UNIQUE”” that aids students and fresh graduates to understand the labor market’s requirements and successfully fulfill it.

Besides his work as a freelance trainer, he has worked as an HR for 2 years for:
– Nilecom

– Currently, he works as a trainer for OPPO Egypt.

LinkedIn account:

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