Salma Samir

Salma is a 200Hrs certified Yoga instructor from Vinyasa YogaShala school in India. She teaches Hatha Vinyasa Yoga flows that are suitable for all levels but are specially beginners friendly. Salma is a Hatha Yoga teacher at One.O.Eight Studio in New Cairo. Her signature flow is relaxation and distress flows that help with anxiety, stress disorders and insomnia. She also facilitates Yoga and meditation workshops for corporate organisations as part of her mission in spreading awareness among diverse populations. Salma is also a certified professional trainer from the American University in Cairo and works as a part time consultant in the field of Human Resources. With 16 years of extensive experience in local and multinational companies, Salma understands the importance of work life balance and how to manage and deal with stress. Recently, Salma decided to share her life experience and yoga journey with others along with preparing her Masters degree in Business Administration at Edinburgh Business School in the UK.  She believes it’s never too late to seek your purpose and go after your calling whatever that might be. She is a big seeker of knowledge and believes in the wholesome concept of Yoga that is beyond the Asana practice. She thinks that we are all a work in progress and shares her imperfections proudly with the world.